Tenant Testimonials

Current Tenant IVN (Since 2015)

I very much appreciate the gift...! I'm also a huge fan of being a tenant of the building.

From RH (Tenant for 12+ years)

"I have decided to move back to New Zealand so will be leaving the Bay area and my lovely apartment here at Hillcrest :(
Many thanks for all your help with stuff over the years.  It's been a great place to live.
I have been at Hillcrest for quite a few years and I thank you and Shannon and your son for being such good people.
Thanks again."

From RR (Tenant for 1+ years)

"Thank you immensely for the privilege of staying here.  The apartment complex was such a beautiful place to live and I am sad to leave, but had to secure a residence closer to my new place of employment.  I appreciate all you've done for me, and wish you all the best."

From PP (Tenant for 10+ years)

"I have enjoyed the living arrangements at 241 29th St over the years, and would like to thank you for the services and accommodations that you have provided."

From KS (Tenant for 4+ years)

"It has been a pleasure living in Hillcrest for the past four years. I wouldn't trade it for anything."