Hillcrest Investment Group
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Request for Repair or Maintenance

I have a leaky bathroom faucet (or anything that needs repair or maintenance).  What is the best way for me to request a repair of the faucet?

There are several ways and it really depends on how urgent your need is. 
If the problem needs to be fixed immediately, call the Building Manager and let him know.  If he is not there, leave a message.  You can also email him and the Owner, if necessary (see Contact Us). 
If the problem is not urgent, it is best to put the request in writing (and call if you like).  You can either write your own note stating the nature of the problem and deliver it to the Building Manager (remember to include the date of your request), or you can use the attached form:  Resident Service Request Form

I have a cat (or just acquired one) and would like to know what I need to do next.

Let the Building Manager know.  You will be asked to complete a Pet Addendum in triplicate (a copy for you, a copy for the Owner and a copy for the Building Manager).
Old Furniture, Appliances, Electronics, or Other Large Items

I have some old furniture, an appliance, old TV, or other large items I'd like to get rid of.  Can I just put them in the dumpster if there is room?

No.  Many of these items are either too big or need to be recycled as they should not be put in the landfill.  Recycling is getting easier and easier and there are many companies in Oakland that will do it free of charge (including pick-up). 

The best place to start is to go to:  Oakland Recycles or CA Department of Toxic Substances Control.  I just used A to Z Recycling to remove a broken TV that was abandoned by the dumpster.  They were great, responding quickly and arriving the next day to do the pick-up.

I am moving out of my apartment.  How do I give you notice that I will be leaving?

You will need to give us a written notice at least 30 days before your intended move-out.  To make that easier, you can download and print the attached form:  Thirty-Day Notice of Resident(s) Intent to Vacate

In addition, you can also print the document:  Cleaning and Checkout Instructions.