Hillcrest Investment Group
Building Construction Updates for 2017

I thought it might be helpful for all to see a running summary of the work in progress, dates for window replacements and any other helpful information.  As new information is available, I will post here - just check in when its convenient for you.  I won't send out email updates unless there is something important I need to communicate with you.

Also, please note, that this is the only side of the building with major stucco removal/replacement.  Any stucco work besides this area is currently only planned for repairs as needed.

SE Side of Building:
November 2: Auditioning of color begins
November 3-completion:   Apply Stucco
November 1:  Inspection (Oakland DBI)
October 30-31:  Complete Lath, Flashing etc
October 24-25:  Nail/Place Metal Lath
October 20-24:  Apply building paper, window casing/trim, flashing, etc.
October 17: Stucco completely removed from the SE side
October 16: Stucco removal began on the SE side
October 9: Scaffolding on SE side of the building installed
October 6: Large bush on SE side of the building cut down; several trees pruned 
Coming Soon!  New windows and paint!!
The colors are currently being auditioned on the front of the building.