Hillcrest Investment Group
241 29th Street
Oakland, CA  94611

Applicant Instructions

The following is a list of the criteria we use in selecting our tenants:
  • A clean credit history (we will run the credit report)
  • A clean rental history (have paid your rent on time, etc.)
  • Verifiable monthly income 3 x the monthly rent.  If you have other possible qualifying income/accounts that would make you eligible to rent an apartment from us, we are available to discuss that with you.

If you are interested in renting an apartment, please follow these instructions:
  • Visit an Open House.  If you have missed an Open House, or none are available, make an appointment to see the apartment
  • Complete the following documents (sign and date each one), attached below:
  • Application to Rent (all applicants 18 years and older)
  • Rental Applicant Employment Form
  • Rental Applicant Reference Form
  • Return to the Building Manager the above forms, along with:
  • $30/person (18 and older); required to run the credit check
  • Have Manager photocopy your ID (driver's license, passport etc.)
  • You may scan & email, Fax or directly deliver these documents. 
  • We will accept a copy of your photo ID to run the credit check, but before you sign a lease, we will verify your ID personally.
  • If it is not convenient to deliver a check for the credit report, we can provide you with an app to use so you may make that payment.
Document Library

Use The Application to Rent form to submit an application to rent an apartment.

Use the Rental Applicant Employment form to authorize us to verify your employment.

Use the Rental Applicant Reference form to authorize us to verify your rental history.